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Requests for Test Reports are to be addressed directly to the equipment provider.

Test Reports provide full details of equipment tested and results of all test cases.

Service Provider Certification Registry

Equipment Vendor Certification Registry

Certifications Granted to H3C Technologies
Certification Hardware Software Version Interface Speed MEF 3.0 Services Test Record ID Date of Issue
S5130-HI (S5130-34C-HI) Version 7.1.070, Release 1309P 1Gbps E-Line Release 1 io_mef3.0_test_record_23_4 2018-Jul-23
SR8800-X (SR8804-X Chassis with CSPEX-1504X Line Card, SR05SRP1L3 Controller Card and LSU1FAB04B0 Switch Fabric Card) 7.1.075, ESS 7719P03 1Gbps E-Line Release 1 io_mef3.0_test_record_23_3 2018-Jul-23
MSR 5600 (MSR 56-60 Chassis with RT-SPE-S3 Line Card, RT-MPU-100-X1 Controller Card and RT-SPU-600-X1 Switch Fabric Card) Version 7.1.064, ESS 0705 1Gbps E-Line Release 1 io_mef3.0_test_record_23_2 2018-Jul-23
S7500E (S7506E Chassis with LSQM2GT48SC0 Line Card and LSQM2MPUC0 Controller Card) Version 7.1.070 Release7568P61 1Gbps E-Line Release 1 io_mef3.0_test_record_23_1 2018-Jul-23