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The MEF 3.0 Implementation projects enable MEF member companies to collaborate on the experimental implementation of different aspects of MEF 3.0 services using published and draft work in the MEF, as well as related published and open source work from other industry organizations.

MEF 3.0 Implementation projects cover work areas such as Fulfilment and Activation, Service Telemetry, Real-Time Media, SD-WAN and more.

All the MEF 3.0 Implementation projects are implemented on the MEFnet platform.

The outputs of these experimental projects are documented in the form of MEF 3.0 Implementation Guides which provide valuable feedback to those developing specifications in the MEF, as well to service providers working on adopting MEF 3.0 for their digital transformations.

Contributions to these projects are also made by the MEF Enterprise Advisory Council, the MEF Developer Community and participants in LSO Hackathons.

Current Projects:

  • MEF 3.0 Service Fulfilment and Activation Implementation project
  • MEF 3.0 Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Implementation project
  • MEF 3.0 SECaaS Implementation project
  • MEF 3.0 Service Telemetry Implementation project
  • MEF 3.0 Real-Time Media Implementation project

For more information on participating in MEF 3.0 Implementation projects, please contact Daniel Bar-Lev (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).